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Hello everyone. I am Tetsuya Kobayashi, the chair of the World Veterinary Cancer Conference (WVCC). I am very honored that the 4th WVCC will be held in Japan this year. As the chairman of the WVCC Committee, I would like to introduce the highlights of our program.

The WVCC will be held for 4 days from March 19th to 22nd, 2020. The first 3 days will feature 95 research abstracts from over 20 countries with 10 keynote-lectures by specialists from around the world. A majority of the research abstracts are clinically-oriented, such that I feel that general practitioners could enjoy them as well as researchers and specialists. The talks for the research abstracts will be in English, but the keynote speeches will have simultaneous Japanese translation. The 4th day includes an international symposium. In the morning, we will discuss how to manage the regional lymph nodes of dogs with mast cell tumors in detail. In the afternoon, we will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of canine small cell gastrointestinal lymphoma from a clinical and pathologic perspective. On the 1st and 2nd nights, we have also organized evening seminars by well-known veterinarians (with simultaneous Japanese translation provided). For those who want to feel the atmosphere of an international conference, please join the evening seminars.

We have also planned several other conference activities, such as a welcome party on the 1st day where you can enjoy Japanese appetizers, and a party on the 2nd day with Japanese wine and cheese that were carefully selected by the executive committee. A Gala-dinner will ensue on the third day of the conference (March 21st), which includes a dinner cruise on Tokyo Bay with several other events planned. Also, don't forget your running shoes! We have planned a “Walk & Run” in the Imperial Palace on the morning of March 20th. For those with young children, we have arranged to have a daycare center to make the conference more easily attended (reservations are required).

Thanks to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Tokyo has been transformed into a foreigner-friendly city. It is often said that prices in Japan are high, but Japan is ranked 26th in the world for the McDonald's Big Mac index that compares Big Mac prices around the globe (The Economist-Big Mac index 2019). If you book your flight relatively early, you can find a round-trip ticket from the US for around $1,000.00. You can also find many inexpensive and secure business-hotels in Tokyo at around $100.00 US per night. In addition, thanks to the many sponsors of this meeting, we were able to reduce the registration fee considerably.

Executive committee members, including Dr. Takuo Ishida, are working hard to ensure that all who participate in the Tokyo WVCC 2020 meeting can experience hospitality (O-mo-te-na-shi) and good times. We look forward to your participation at this exciting meeting.

Tetsuya Kobayashi, DVM, MSpVM, ACVIM (Oncology), AiCVIM (Small Animal) Japan Veterinary Cancer Society Committee of WVCC&International information The chair of the World Veterinary Cancer Conference (WVCC)

皆様、こんにちは。World Veterinary Cancer Conference(WVCC)実行委員長の小林哲也です。今回、第4回WVCCが日本で開催できるということを大変光栄に思います。WVCC委員会委員長として、今回のプログラムのハイライトを簡単にご紹介致します。



2020年に開催予定の東京オリンピックのお陰で、東京は外国人フレンドリーな街に生まれ変わりました。日本の物価は高いとよく言われますが、マクドナルドのビックマックの価格を国際的に比較したビックマック指数では、日本は世界第26位です(The Economist - Big Mac index 2019)。比較的早めに飛行機の予約をとれば、1,000.00USドル前後で米国から往復できます。また、東京には、1泊100.00USドルくらいの安価で安全なビジネスホテルを多数見つけることができます。さらに、今回たくさんのスポンサーからご協力を得ることができたので、登録費をだいぶリーズナブルに抑えることができました。

WVCC 2020 in Tokyoに参加していただく皆様には「おもてなしと感動」を経験して頂くことができるよう、石田卓夫会長をはじめ、実行委員が精進しています。皆様のご参加を、心よりお待ちしています。

小林 哲也
公益財団法人 日本小動物医療センター付属 日本小動物がんセンター センター長
一般社団法人日本獣医がん学会 WVCC・国際情報委員会 委員長