Keynote Speakers


Susan M. LaRue (Colorado State University)

Dr. Susan LaRue is a professor of Radiation Oncology at Colorado State University and head of the Radiation Oncology Service. She attended Veterinary College and completed her Internship at the University of Georgia, where she also completed her internship in small animal medicine and surgery. From there headed to Colorado State University(CSU) where she completed her residency in small animal surgery and went on the receive her Ph.D in Radiation Biology. She subsequently became boarded in the American College of Veterinary Surgery and the American College of Radiology (Specialty in Radiation Oncology). Working alongside Dr. Stephen Withrow, Dr. LaRue was instrumental in the development of surgical limb-spare techniques. She studied under Edward Gillette, one of the first veterinarians to use the animal tumor model for translational research, who is also felt to be the father of veterinary radiation oncology. In 2008, CSU purchased a Trilogy™, the state-of-the-art linear accelerator. Since then she has helped redefine veterinary radiation oncology using Stereotactic Radiation therapy (SRT). Dr. LaRue believes that a good translational researcher should be able to design clinical trials that help the individual pet, provide information to the veterinary oncology community and be able to ease the transition of novel ideas to human clinical patients.